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Who are we?


Based near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, our specialist giant Tipis offer a stunning backdrop for any event, from weddings and special occasions to promo events and corporate days. Our Tipis can be linked with one another to create a unique versatile structure suitable for any number of guests. They are supplied by The Tipi Company, who construct them up in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We take pride in our work, but don't just take our word for it! Take a look here at some of our previous clients comments.




Throughout the Autumn & Winter we've got a heated Giant Tipi "Winter Showroom" set up at Vanstone Park Venue in Codicote near Hitchin. There will be a variety of suppliers exhibiting, along with a fully stocked bar. Email hello@countrytipis.co.uk to book a visit with one of our team.

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Tipis / Marquees


We love the versatility of our Tipis; connecting any number together provides a stunning open space perfect for your unique wedding or special event.

Our tipis include woven matted flooring, fairy lights, chandeliers, a disco ball & LED up-lighters.

If you'd prefer something a bit more traditional we now offer a Celeste Pole Marquee in 30m, 24m, 18m and 12m long by 12m wide.

Our marquee has woven matted flooring and is adorned with fairy lights, with LED up-lighters throughout.

Customise your event with a fire bowl, dance floor, stage, flower ring, bar, chillout area and our rustic handmade furniture, which all have been hand selected to complement the structures.

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One stand alone Tipi will seat around 70 people with the option of lifting a side to create an entrance or panoramic view. A fire pit can be included to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

From £1,620

Please get in touch for a personal quote


Two Tipis can be connected together to create a stunning open space suitable for up to 100 people seated comfortably, as well as a dance floor and or stage for entertainment. 

From £3,120

Please get in touch for a personal quote


Connecting three Tipis in a curve, line or triangle gives you the most versatile space for more than 100 people seated. Or you could go for a combination of seating, a dance floor and a stage!

From £4,620

Please get in touch for a personal quote


Connecting four Tipis works great for larger events, giving you plenty of room for a variety of extras inside, and multiple Tipi configuration options. We can also offer more than four if required!

From £6,120

Please get in touch for a personal quote



Our Tipis can be set up on any soft ground, such as lawns, fields or even your own back garden! We also now have a hard standing kit that uses wine barrels to anchor the structure. Please contact us if you would like us to survey your chosen venue for suitability, or recommend one of our preferred local venues.

We are based at Vanstone Park, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where we can provide a stunning rural setting for any occasion.




Q. How many tipis / what size marquee do I need for my event?

A: This all depends on how many people you have attending your event, if they are all sitting or standing, and what else you would like to have inside. We can build our Tipis to suit your event by selecting which sides to open, and  adding an extension panel or an entrance to create more space. As a general guide, for up to 70 guests you'll need 1 Tipi, for up to 120 guests you'll need 2 Tipis, for 120+ you'll need 3+ Tipis and for 170+ you'll need 4+ Tipis. Our 12m x 12m (single pole) Celeste Marquee can hold around 90 people, our 18m x 12m (double pole) can hold around 150 people, our 24m x 12m (triple pole) can hold around 200, and our 30m x 12m (quad pole) can hold around 250.

Q. What area do you cover?

A. We can set an event up anywhere! Please get in touch for delivery costs.

Q. What accessories are included in the price?

A. Country Tipis come with the essentials; woven matted flooring with waterproof underlay, and lighting (a chandelier, a disco ball, LED uplighters and fairy lights throughout. Optional extras worth considering are a dancefloor, stage, outdoor fire pit, pallet-wood or horsebox bar, rustic scaffold board tables with benches / folding wooden chairs, chill-out furniture, nimbus mini tipi, wine barrels, heaters and a catering tent. We work with a number of trusted suppliers who can provide toilets and a generator and alternative furniture.

 Q. What if the weather is bad?

A. Our tipis are waterproof, durable and provide a great shelter from the elements. If the weather is fine we can raise the side of the tipis so that you and your guests can enjoy the surroundings. If the weather is poor we can keep the sides closed to protect you, with the option to add an entrance porch or tunnel to create a dramatic opening.

Q. Could you recommend a venue for me to have my Tipi event?

A. Of course! We have a working relationship with a number of local venues, and are based beside Vanstone Park Venue which boasts an idyllic location bordering on vast woodland in rural Hertfordshire.

Q. Can you provide and run the bar for us?

A. Yes we can! In late 2016 we launched 'The Hammered Peg,' and can provide either Peggy's Horsebox Bar or our 4m rustic wooden bar complete with experienced staff, glasses and fridges to your event.

Q. How do you spell Tipi, and where did they originate from?

A. There are a number of options here; Tepee, Teepee or Tipi! It originates from the Mid 18th century: from Sioux tīpī meaning 'dwelling'. A traditional teepee is constructed from buffalo hides sewn together and wrapped around a tripod or cone of poles, and was used by plains Indians after the introduction of the horse from Europe. The teepee was easy to disassemble and transport, using the poles to make a sledge to drag behind horses or dogs, providing the perfect portable shelter for these nomadic tribes.

Q. How do Teepees differ from a wigwam? 

 A. A wigwam is a domed dwelling formerly used by certain Native American and First Nations tribes. It is generally a frame of bent poles covered with pieces of bark and skins, bonded using mud. This type of shelter is semi-permanent and not transportable.

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Country Tipis is owned and run by a small enthusiastic team. It was love at first sight with these stunning tipis and we just had to make the dream of working with such unique structures come true. Please get in touch via the contact form, call or email us directly. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't receive a reply from us.

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