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We are excited to now be able to offer a traditional pole marquee. Based on the design of the Sperry or Sailcloth tent, our Celeste Pole Marquee is designed and built to a high standard. It offers a sectioned, reinforced roof with simple lined detail around the poles.

© Pike Photography

Our Celeste Pole Marquee is perfect for a traditional wedding, a party or a festival and we can offer it in 4 sizes: 12m x 12m (single pole), 18m x 12m (double pole), 24m x 12m (triple pole) or 30m x 12m (quad pole). You can choose either clear or solid colour hook-up walls around the marquee, or just have the panels open. Manufactured in the UK, the textured PVC material is waterproof, fire-resistant and wind-proof. Standing at a height of 7m the Celeste Pole Marquee is light and airy inside, whilst creating a breathtaking showpiece from the outside.

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